9 Healthy Snack Ideas to Power You Through the Workday

 9 Healthy Snack Ideas to Power You Through the Workday

Whether you work a nine-to-five office job, or you’re preparing for yet another busy shift outside of an office setting you know the importance of a good snack for powering through the day. A nutritious snack will provide you the energy you need to stay focused and feeling your best until it’s time to clock out.

Generally, an energizing and sustaining snack is going to include protein, fat, and/or fiber.

You can easily keep these healthy snacks within arm’s reach—no refrigeration required!

1.Trail Mix

Trail mix is one of the most popular snacks available. Besides being flavorful, filling, and portable, it’s easy to customize based on your personal preferences. It is high in heart healthy fats, and protein which help you stay satisfied. Aim for that has raw nuts and dried fruits vs. candy and coated nuts.

2. Almond/Nut Butter

Almond butter is packed with protein and stores well at a desk or in a locker. You can even find it in individual packets, such as Justin’s Nut Butter. Combine with an apple or mini rice cake for a great and filling snack!

3. Jerky

Jerky is loaded with protein and is very filling. Plus, it’s a great on-the-go and shelf-stable snack! Look for jerky that doesn’t contain artificial ingredients like synthetic nitrites or MSG.

4. Nuts

Nuts such as almonds or cashews make for a great snack to keep at your desk. They are high in fiber and protein to leave you feeling satisfied. Try could mixing with dark chocolate for a sweet and salty combo!

 5. Instant Oatmeal

Oatmeal isn’t just for breakfast—this fiber-filled food also makes a hearty snack. Packets of unflavored instant oatmeal microwaved with water in a mug and sprinkled with toppings of your choice like cinnamon and raisins are sure to keep you energized.

6. Dried fruit

Dried fruit can satisfy that mid-afternoon sweet tooth while tiding you over with filling fiber. Look for products where the only ingredient is fruit to avoid extra sugar. You can also pair it with raw nuts for a dose of healthy fat!

7. Popcorn

You can get healthy bagged popcorn at the grocery store. Popcorn makes a great snack because it’s a whole grain and provides your body with fiber! Try avoiding any popcorn that is coated in sugar.

8. Fresh Fruit

Apples, oranges, bananas, you name it! Fruit is nature’s ready-made snack packed with vitamins, fiber, and other nutrients that support a healthy diet.

9. Tuna Pouches

Cans and single-serving tuna packets are an awesome way to fit some extra protein and omega-3 fatty acids into your day. Pair with a whole grain crackers for a killer snack and extra fiber!

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