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To Lose Weight in 2022, Move Forward

It has been a challenging couple of years. But there are people who are seizing this time as an opportunity to lose weight and get fit. This blog post shares their stories and the characteristics that you can copy to lose weight this year.


Lose Weight in 2022 – At-A-Glance

  • Have a “No-Excuse” Mindset. When we face challenges, it is easy to fall into an acceptance mindset and settle where we are at. By adopting a “no-excuse” mindset, you continue to progress toward your goal, transforming your life.
  • Have a Big Enough “Why.” Achieving a weight loss goal takes time. By identifying your reason (your “why”) for putting in the effort, you’ll stay motivated and keep moving forward.

To Lose Weight in 2022 — Move Forward [Video]

No excuse mindsetNo excuse mindset

Have a “No-Excuse” Mindset

I want to share a story of a guy who lost weight by adopting a “no-excuse” mindset. Rick left a comment under one of my YouTube videos. In the comment, he shared that he had type 2 diabetes for more than 25 years, and despite taking two medications to control his condition, his A1c was still high at 7.5%, which, according to the CDC, indicated that he was still in the high-risk range.

On top of that, Rick found himself at the age of 74, weighing 344 pounds.

When we face big challenges, especially later in life, it is easy to fall into an acceptance mindset and believe that it is too late to change or too many things are stacked against us to make a difference.

However, Rick didn’t do that. Instead of settling for good enough, he took action. He lowered his carbohydrate intake to less than 75 grams a day and ate more vegetables and proteins. His efforts paid off. In one year, he lost 94 pounds and dropped his A1c to a healthy 5.1%.

In his words, “I feel 100% better, mind clearer, skin tags disappeared, sleep better, and feel like I am 40 years old again.”

Amid all of the disruptions and stress of the past couple of years, Rick’s no-excuse mindset changed his life. However, I am sure that he encountered days when he would have rather quit and settled where he was at. So, how do you keep going when so much in life seems to be working against you? The solution is to have a big enough reason.

Big enough WHYBig enough WHY

Have a Big Enough “Why”

I was speaking with a friend named Dave, who, amidst the chaos of this past year, lost 40 pounds. Achieving that goal required consistent effort. How did he do it? He created a big enough reason, or what I refer to as a big enough “why,” that kept him moving toward his goal.

For him, his focus – his why – was a hiking trip he had scheduled that required him to backpack for ten days at an altitude of 10,000 feet. If you’ve ever experienced that environment, you know how it takes your breath away. The air is very thin. If he had not lost the weight, he would have struggled and may not have completed the hike.

Not only was reaching this goal important to him, it was also set in stone because it was a scheduled trip. He already had some skin in the game because the trip required him to get time off of work and pay ahead of time for travel, making it harder and more painful to back out of the commitment. When I talked with him, he had completed the hike, felt a great sense of accomplishment, and has maintained his weight loss.

Keep moving forwardKeep moving forward

Keep Moving Forward

If we look at these two stories, we see one common theme: they both kept moving forward despite what was going on in the world around them. And, because of their efforts, they are healthier and filled with a huge sense of accomplishment.

It takes time to reach a weight loss goal. During that time, life will happen, and we all have times of disappointment. But don’t get stuck there. If you feel like you lost ground over the past year or two, let it go and move forward. Do as Rick did and embrace a “no-excuse” mindset and, like Dave, focus on a goal that, when achieved, will have a positive impact on your life.


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